International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

Dolphin offers International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) that Is reliable, dedicated, “Always on” leased point-to-point digital circuit for the bulk transport of data, voice and video.

It allows simultaneous two-way transmissions of digital signals at various speed ranging from lower to higher bandwidths depending on customers requirement

This service is available in all our Points of Presence and is provisioned over our robust SDH technology, and Access to the customer site Is achieved using our own fiber network or fiber and Microwave connections via our strategic local partners to customer’s location.

Our Features


Global connectivity.

Quick connectivity- short lead-time for circuit activation.

Interconnection with major global carriers extending connectivity to other continents.

Full and Half circuit provisioning: End-to-End connectivity in partnership with consortium members across 18 African Countries was ACE connectivity is currently available.

Customer benefits

High Reliability.

SLA Based Services

Round the clock customer support

Cost effective and flexible payment terms.

Wide range of bandwidth to choose from.

Allows customer to run multiple applications.

International connectivity and partnership with operators worldwide.

Professional account management and documentation with single point of contact for order and provisioning.