IP Transit

This service provides customers the opportunity to purchase wholesale Internet capacity and distribute this capacity into their network utilizing their existing Infrastructure and is designed specifically for content providers, carriers, Internet service providers and high end enterprise customers. Dolphin IP Transit Is available across all our Points of Presence In West Africa.

Our Features

High Reliability.

Engineered for uptime.

Protection with other submarine cable operators.

Ease of scalability and fast capacity augmentation to handle surge In traffic.

Excellent quality of service QOS backed by high Service Level Agreement SLA.

Direct peering with local and International exchange point to speed up access to local content.

Multiple Internet gateways ensuring high availability based on multiple routes and low latency based on shortest path.

Customer benefits

Burstable service.

SLA Based Services.

Round the clock customer support.

Cost effective and flexible payment terms.

Quick connectivity- short lead-time for circuit activation.

Reliability of service based on protection on the submarine cable.

Extensive coverage and reach across all our landing stations In Africa.

International connectivity with peering arrangement with major Tier-1 providers and worldwide Internet Exchanges.

Dolphin Telecoms deals strictly in high capacity (≥ 45 Mbps) and as such we don’t compete in the same retail market space with our clients.