[Rome, Accra, June 10, 2014] Press Release

[Rome, Accra, June 10, 2014] Press Release

New West African IP Gateway to provide protected and fast Tier 1 Internet connectivity in the region

TI Sparkle, the International Services arm of Telecom Italia Group, and Dolphin Telecom announce a new partnership for the provision and the development of IP connectivity services in West Africa through the newly established IP POP in Accra, Ghana.

TI Sparkle and Dolphin Telecom will provide cost effective, high quality and secure fully protected global IP connectivity solutions to TLC operators, ISPs and service providers that are connected to Accra through major international cable systems.

Through the strategic relationship with a relevant player like Dolphin Telecom we are able to establish a new Tier 1 IP Gateway in West Africa and bring the Internet thousands of miles closer to customers in the Region” says Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of TI Sparkle. “Through this fully protected IP hubbing node in Accra, customers will be able to access the world’s most popular content hosted in Europe or in any of the multiple and dispersed point of presence of our Global IP transit backbone Seabone. In addition, customers will be able to exchange their intra-regional traffic locally, instantly improving performance by saving hundreds of milliseconds with respect to any other European IP hub”.

Ghana is a natural gateway for West African operators and service providers considering the high number of international cable systems connecting the Region to Europe, says Abdel Mageid Elzain, Managing Director of Dolphin Telecom. The establishment of the new POP is a response to the increasing local demand for high quality and protected IP connectivity solutions following the recent development of the IT segment”.

Seabone is TI Sparkle Tier1 fully IPv6 enabled global IP Transit backbone that ranks among top 5 in Europe and #1 in the Mediterranean. While consolidating its global role, Seabone is strengthening its regional positioning globally and especially in Africa and Asia where it has reached leading positions.

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